Through consultations and expert advice of our team, we work on project optimization, selection of lighting equipment, selection of lighting solutions, lighting management system, all for the purpose of defining the optimal budget and future savings in operating costs.  


Depending on the client’s requirements, but also on the complexity of the project itself, we offer:

Lighting management

At a time when there are more and more “smart” installations, there is often a need to design and engineer a system for managing such lighting. If this has not already been resolved by the main project, our team undertakes the complete elaboration of the block diagram, specifying the completely necessary equipment to reach a fully functional unit in accordance with the lighting design and the wishes of the client. 

Sales and delivery

We offer brands from several different price ranges, various purposes and diverse designs. The sales and delivery segment includes a complete service of logistics organization in terms of procurement, transport, import, and delivery to the end user, but also the provision of complete technical and attest documentation. 

Professional support

It includes expert advice, if necessary, supervision of installation, but also programming and commissioning, and training of users to use complex systems. 

After sale

After-sales includes possible software maintenance of smart systems, but also the supply of all necessary spare components.

Also, the realization of potential complaints within the warranty period is implied, which includes complete logistics and correspondence with the manufacturer.